Services for welding and handling robots, welding equipment, autogenous technology

Full commitment for trouble-free operation

Quick troubleshooting, expert service, preventive maintenance or optimization for:

KUKA robot systems

igm robot systems (K2, K3, K4, K5)

Welding machines and accessories

Oxy-fuel equipment and accessories

Service for KUKA robots

ism-technic is official KUKA system partner. With ism technic, you have all the know-how to optimally support your KUKA robots.

Service & Maintenance
Troubleshooting, repair, maintenance,
Customer service for Austria
Assembly & Programming
from KUKA welding and handling robots
Customer service for Austria
Repair service
for programming consoles, robot controllers, welding torches, hose packages and much more
Fast & reliable
Spare parts service
for KUKA robot systems and associated
welding technology
Fast & reliable

Service for igm robots

ism-technic is available as a competent alternative. The knowledge and years of experience of our technicians ensures professional services.

Service & Maintenance
Service, troubleshooting and preventive maintenance for igm robot systems
Service & Maintenance in Austria as well as Germany, Italy, France, Poland
Overhaul of igm robot systems
Refurbishment, refresh and control upgrade
Overhaul of igm robot systems in Austria as well as Germany, Italy, France, Poland
Repair service
for programming consoles K2, K3, K4, K5, axis-controller, hose packages, and much more
International repair service for igm robot parts
Spare parts service
New original parts or exchange parts for igm robots with K2-K5 controllers
Fast & reliable

Robot services in detail

Services for welding and handling robots KUKA robots igm robots
Consulting, planning, sales *
Overhaul and repair
Spare & wear parts
* only used equipment

Service for welding equipment & accessories

Comprehensive service for welding equipment

Welding machines service
Inspection, calibration, repair of
welding equipment
welding equipment from
Fronius, EWM, Lincoln & much more
Professional advice
about welding equipment, additional materials,
welding torches and much more
on-site or at
our workshop Münchendorf
Repair service
for welding torches, hose packages, wire drives, and much more
rapid exchange possible
through rep replacement.
Rental Machine
Welding equipment on a rental basis to bridge a repair time
or to cover
  production peaks  
"Our repair center offers repairs of all kinds in the shortest possible turnaround time, from the welding torch to the overhauled robot unit."
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